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We're proud to offer products and services to help men achieve maximum sensual pleasure.  No pills, no pumps, no ridiculous claims, just honest improvement. 

If you're under 18, please ask a parent or guardian to join you at the computer now.  This site includes clinical adult nudity.  

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Be it resolved:

  •  Circumcision removes valuable specialized erogenous tissue; 100% of circumcised men suffer reduced sensitivity and pleasure 
  •  Four-fifths of the world's men are intact (not circumcised).  They have no special health or hygiene problems, or lack of sex partners
  •  The surface of the glans (the head of the penis) is not skin, but is in fact naturally moist mucous membrane.  Without the foreskin, the glans becomes dried, toughened, and insensitive
  •  The slack skin possessed by the intact makes intercourse better for both partners

How to restore glans sensitivity:

The trick to making your glans as pleasure-receptive as possible is keeping it covered with your own skin.  This way you avoid the drying and abrasive effects of clothing, bedding, or the air.  

Even if you're circumcised, you can probably pull enough of your remaining skin forward to cover your glans.  Our tapeless YOUR-SKIN® Restoration Cone (patent pending) helps you keep your own skin in that covering position.  Wear it discreetly under briefs during the day, and to bed at night.  

It hangs on by itself with absolutely no adhesive or tape (guaranteed), but removes instantly for urination or intimacy.  (see explicit how-to photos)

Effortlessly get your sensitivity back with the Your-Skin Cone!  

How to restore slack shaft skin:

Skin lengthening is achieved by gently but persistently tensioning the penile shaft skin.  In 1 to 3 years, most restorers have enough skin to fully cover the glans when flaccid.  That's a commitment, but 200,000 men today find it well worth the effort.  

There are many ways to pull on the skin - some involving messy adhesive tapes - but none is as easy, effective, and comfortable as our Tapeless Conical TLC TUGGER® and TLC-X.   

Wear it discreetly under slacks during the day, and to bed at night.  It stays put even during exercise, but removes in seconds for urination or intimacy.  (See explicit video demo of daytime technique.)  

Learn more about intactness and restoration at our Resources page.  

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