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Keep Him Whole (to Bring Him Whole from Les Mis)
By Ron Low

God on High
Heard your prayer
Made new life
In a womb that was bare
Feel him grow
Made of love
Growing whole 
His own soul 
Bring him home 
Keep him whole
Bring him home. 
God on high 
Hear my prayer 
In my need 
You have always been there 
He is young 
He's afraid 
Let him rest 
Heaven blessed. 
Bring him home 
Bring him home 
Bring him home.
Heíll be the son youíve longed to know
But someday he will be a man 
With his own life,Ö
Of his own mind
On his own
And who should make
His future choice?
He's like the son I might have known 
If God had granted me a son. 
The summers die 
One by one 
How soon they fly 
On and on 
And I am old 
And will be gone.
Give him peace
Give him joy
His whole life
Heís not only this boy 
Please donít take
What is his
Leave him whole
Let him live
When youíre gone
Heíll live on
With your choice 
Bring him peace 
Bring him joy 
He is young 
He is only a boy 
You can take 
You can give 
Let him be 
Let him live 
If I die 
Let me die 
Let him live
Bring him home
Keep him whole 
Keep him whole
Bring him home 
Bring him home 
Bring him home.
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