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Once Upon a Lie
By Ron Low

Parody:  Listen Original: Once Upon a Time by Lee Adams and Charles Strouss YouTube

Once upon a time 
A pair of twins was born just fine 
Tiny hands in mine 
That warmed me to my soul 
But that was once upon a time 
When they both were whole 

Once upon a time 
A girl with moonlight in her eyes 
Put her hand in mine 
And said she loved me so 
But that was once upon a time 
very long ago 

Once upon a lie
An amputation went awry 
Voltage set too high 
A spark and then a flame 
Since they were booked one at a time 
Only one was maimed

Once upon a hill 
We sat beneath willow tree 
Counting all the stars 
And waiting for the dawn 
But that was Once upon time 
Now the tree is gone 

How we tried 
With ribbons in his hair 
Raise one as a girl 
Ignore the part that isn't there 
As they grew they fell into despair 
Who could endure 

How the breeze 
Ruffled through her hair 
How we always laughed 
As if tomorrow wasn't there 
We were young and didn't have a care 
Where did it go 

Twice a suicide 
The darkness overtakes our lives 
Never comes a time 
When we can cease to mourn 
If we could just rewind the time; 
Leave them as they're born.

Once upon a time 
The world was sweeter than we knew 
Everything was ours 
How happy we were then 
But somehow Once upon time 
Never comes again.


The tragic story of David Reimer (August 22, 1965 - May 5, 2004) and Brian Reimer (August 22, 1965 - July 1, 2002): summarized on YouTube

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