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circumcision poem

Why is it that parents do whatís better for their kids yet they donít give the child part of consent?

There is no reason to not include the specific person in this type of commitment

A life altering decision that they should talk about together

But NO the parents go ahead and do what they want due to the fact that they are older and know what they are doing

The child doesnít know the torturous thing that the parents put in him during the circumcision

The cutting and tearing of the foreskin

This child will never be able to be at peace with himself thinking only about why did they do this to me?

This child will always think what the scar on my penis is?

And yet not to have enough satisfaction with his wife due to this circumcision.

And when he will ask parents might make up lies to cover themselves

Feeling the remorse that they brought upon him

This is why I say end CIRCUMCISION

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