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Pink And Blue

by David R Viets

I'm sorry that I was ignorant when I was growing up

I'm sorrier still

that my society was more ignorant than I . . .

in my birth, I was innocent and vulnerable.

If my parents had only known,

I wouldn't be upset about what was taken from me.

At first I didn't care.

What did I know? I didn't know

What I was missing.

Now I know.

I have learned a lot.

And now I am waiting for my culture 

and my society

to catch up.

In the meantime, I am reclaiming

A part of me lost

so long ago

to a baby boy

so long ago.

And my spirit sees

a little joy

in every day

New growth of me 

new skin, now pink!


The wounded boy 

Now proud in new found joy.




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