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Pro-Intact Art

TLC Tugger First Annual Pro-Intact Cartoon Art Festival - Winner Announced 12/31/06: 
Pam Thompson "In God's Image"
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Best Art Entries

Avian Emblem Pam Thompson 12/18/06
In God's Image Pam Thompson 12/18/06
Terrible Tide Pam Thompson 12/18/06
Injustice for All Pam Thompson 12/18/06
Safe At Last Pam Thompson 12/18/06


Previously Published Art

Bris Mobile Ted Rall 4/16/07
Fatal Mistake Students for Genital Integrity 12/18/06
Stop Asbury Park Press 12/18/06
Risks and Benefits Kevin Robertson 12/16/06
Circumcision Decision Jamie Brendon Stroud 12/06/06

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