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Frequently asked questions

FAQ: Should I have my son circumcised so he can buy your products some day?

A: Please don't.  You have no moral right to amputate healthy tissue from a minor.  It's his choice to make as an adult.  Based on experience in Sweden and other places where non-religious routine circumcision is unheard of, the actual likelihood that anything about an infant's foreskin will threaten him before he is 18 to the point that circumcision will improve things is one in 10,000.  When he is an adult he will thank you for leaving him intact.  Let's hope I'm out of business by then. 

My Top Ten Reasons to Leave Your Son Intact:

10: Condoms prevent AIDS, surgery does not.  Most deceased US victims of AIDS were circumcised at birth.  See also CBC Article.

9: Adults who've had it both ways say the foreskin is highly erogenous tissue.  Circumcision removes about 20,000 specialized pleasure-receptive nerve endings, destroys the highly sensitive frenulum, and removes the wonderful frictionless rolling/gliding action of the normal penile skin system.  

8: UTIs are more common in girls than in any group of boys, and are treated by medicine, not amputation.  

7: 43,000 boys are mutilated for life for every case of penile cancer in an old man with poor hygiene, which has no relationship with intactness (penile cancer is as rare in Denmark where almost no one is cut as it is in the US where the majority are mutilated).  MALE breast cancer kills more men than penile cancer does - so, what... we should cut off baby boys' breasts?.  

6: About 80% of the world's men are intact.  They have no special health problems or lack of partners.

5: Only an informed adult can morally consent to his own cosmetic surgery.  It's risky - see complications.  Infancy is truly the worst time to circumcise due to the scale of things, challenges of effective anesthesia, healing in fouled diapers, risk of healing/recovery side effects that the patient can't report, and of course since he can't give informed consent any non-emergency amputation is a gross human rights violation.  

4: Over 100,000 men are enduring a multi-year restoration process; don't make your child a recovering amputee.

3: The Israel Medical Association gives this article which makes plain that there is no evidence linking cervical cancer specifically to the status of a woman's partner.  Besides, now that an HPV vaccine has been developed, this issue has no bearing on infant genital integrity.   

2: No national medical organization in the world recommends routine circumcision for any medical reason. 

1: Foreskin feels really good, and it's HIS !

See also this GREAT ARTICLE from by Paul Fleiss, MD


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