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Frequently asked questions

FAQ: Does it come in sizes?

A: Yes.  See the note about sizing measurements.  The outer Your-Skin Cone retaining shell part should be matched to your anatomy to work well by itself.  The inner TLC Tugger part can only be as small as your level of slack skin will allow.  We have wide latitude to size the TLC Tugger.  The TLC-X Tugger is supplied in 4 discrete girth sizes, and is adjusted to your degree of slack by changing the Pusher section.  Just send us a note or call and we'll meet your needs.  When you supply your measurements to the nearest 1/16" or nearest mm, you have our Right-Size guaranty. 

TLC Packers are available in widths 30mm, 34mm, 38mm, and 44mm to match your girth and in lengths to match your present state of slack, and TLC Tuggers are now available in extended lengths in similar girths (we call those TLC Stretch Tuggers).  SenSlip is sold in sizes as well.  

If you're concerned, send me your size.  No TLC sale is final until you have the device that works for you.  

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