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Slack Skin

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Frequently asked questions

FAQ: Why do I need to tug for new slack skin if the Your-Skin Cone restores my sensitivity?

A: Glans sensitivity is great, but slack skin is even better.  The slack skin becomes the only moving part of the penis, making it more fun to play with. The skin tube allows for a whole new frictionless rolling/gliding mode of stimulation which you will love.  The slack makes intercourse more gentle and interesting for your partner. 

The slack also allows your partner to, for example, squeeze the shaft very hard while frictionlessly rolling a hand down the shaft; this flushes the engorgement from your glans, leaving it aroused but very supple for deep kneading.  Or maybe roll the skin forward over the glans and plunge a tongue between the glans and skin and swirl around stimulating two surfaces at once.  Oral sex is a whole new art form with slack skin.

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