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Frequently asked questions

FAQ: Will this make me have smegma?

A: Keeping your skin forward will allow the natural emollients exuded by your pink skin to stay on your skin where they belong.  If you stay continuously covered for more than a whole day, you may notice that sloughed-off skin cells start to accumulate.  The combination of skin cells and emollients is technically called smegma, but you should get over any negative connotations that the word elicits.  

You don't need to let it accumulate if you would rather rinse thoroughly (with clear water) when you shower once a day.  If you let it build up, know that it is a harmless natural anti-bacterial agent, and that it generally has a sweet musky aroma unless you're truly unhygienic.  During the initial months of restoration, guys lose a lot of dead skin cells, but eventually the rate tapers off.  The outermost skin layer (epidermis) doesn't expand, so when you see dry skin, know that your deep skin layer (dermis) is probably expanding and the epidermis is sloughing away to allow for that.  

You wouldn't let the idea of inevitable perspiration deter you from healthy vigorous exercise; you know that a shower afterward holds back the BO.  Likewise, looking intact is no reason to deny yourself a shiny, healthy, sensitive penis.  

If you want to smell like cut guys, use CetaPhil gentle non-soap liquid skin cleanser on your glans daily.  

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