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Q: How do I care for my Your-Skin Cone or TLC Tugger?

The Your-Skin® Cone

A: The devices are made of food-grade platinum-catalyzed latex-free RTV silicone rubber.  They're a bit softer than a pencil eraser, so you can't scrub them too hard.  I clean mine in the shower every morning before I pat it dry and put it back on.  

I use plain soap and an ultra-soft toothbrush (sometimes sold as a post-surgical brush).  Rinsing thoroughly with clear water, and inverting the device and squeezing out excess water with a dry cloth will reduce the chance of rust forming on the metal handle.  Some guys run their devices through the dishwasher once a month.  Keeping the device squeaky clean is important for the best grip, and of course not a bad idea from a hygiene standpoint.  

If you want to let someone else try one or you're a real germ freak, you can even boil them; the silicone won't melt below 600 degrees (don't boil them more than a minute, and don't do this too often because entrapped air bubbles in the silicone will try to burst, weakening the device).  

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