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Songs / Poems 2006

TLC Tugger First Annual Pro-Intact Song and Poetry Contest
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Entries as of September 7rd, 2006:

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Best Original Song

The Joy of Brit Shalom (lyrics) Brandy S 8/29/06
For My Foreskin (lyrics) Jess Grant 8/28/06
Make It Grow (lyrics) Ron Low (not competing) 8/27/06
Giving Up The Ghost (lyrics) June Panic 8/10/06
I Want My Foreskin Back (lyrics)
(adult content)
The Insane Lane Band 8/08/06
I Want My Foreskin For Giftmas (lyrics)
(adult content)
Carl J. Schutt 7/03/06


Best Parody Song

Born Intact - to Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run (lyrics) Ron Low w/Karaoke (not competing) 8/25/06
Losing Your Religion - to REM's Losing My Religion (lyrics) Ron Low w/Karaoke (not competing) 8/23/06
Silicone Rig - to Neil Young's Cinnamon Girl (lyrics) Ron Low with Critical Mass (not competing) 8/16/06


Best Parody Lyrics

It's Beautiful (James Blunt - You're Beautiful) Darkfur 8/30/06
Uncut Malady (Righteous Bros - Unchained Melody) Ron Low (not competing) 8/26/06
Way You'll Look Restored (Sinatra - Way You Look Tonight) Eric 7/23/06
Wouldn't Skin Be Nice (Beach Boys - Wouldn't it be Nice) Ron Low (not competing) 7/17/06
Foreskin (Jimi Hendrix - Freedom) Rob



Best Poem

Growing Back Paul DeShaw 9/02/06
A Quick Glance Darkfur 8/30/06
Why Settle for Good when it can be Great? Gaz 8/25/06
Money Well Spent A B 8/08/06
Restoration Haiku Ron Low (not competing) 7/18/06
My Covenant O.P.S. 7/09/06
Bawdy Limerick Collection Marilyn Milos 7/08/06
Time to Reflect Matthew Denn 7/05/06


Best Previously Published Work

Circumcision by Frank P. Whyte (poem) Ron Low (not competing) 8/14/06
Like Father, Like Son by Paul Bancel (short story) Ron Low (not competing) 8/05/06
The Rape of the Cock (poem) by Hugh H.Y. 7/05/06
I Want My Foreskin For Giftmas by Carl J. Schutt (picture book) Carl J. Schutt 7/03/06


Best Student Submission

Why Settle for Good when it can be Great? - Poem Gaz 8/25/06
Way You'll Look Restored - Parody Lyrics Eric 7/23/06
Time to Reflect - Poem Matthew Denn 7/05/06


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