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2007 Contest

TLC Tugger 2007 Pro-Intact Video, Song, and Poetry Contest
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Entries as of September 3rd, 2007:

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Best YouTube Video (Comedy)

Wouldn't Skin Be Nice (Beach Boys - Wouldn't it be Nice) (YouTube clip) (adult content) Ron Low (not competing) 8/19/07
I Want My Foreskin For Giftmas (YouTube clip)
(adult content)
Carl J. Schutt 8/04/07
Circumcision - Debunking Top 10 (Google Video) Bread of Life Diaries 8/01/07
Circumcision (YouTube clip) Headless Jason 7/31/07


Best YouTube Video (Tragedy)

Uncut Apology (Unchained Melody) (YouTube clip) Ron Low (not competing) 8/19/07
Losing Your Religion - to REM's Losing My Religion (YouTube clip) Ron Low (not competing) 8/19/07
A Mother's View: Should you keep your whole baby? (YouTube clip) painfulquestioning 8/07/07
Circumcision is a Plot by Happeh (script) (YouTube clip) Joe Blow 5/18/07
CUT (trailer) (YouTube clip) Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon 1/28/07

Best Original Song

Circumcision & Restoration (lyrics) Squirrel in Fullerton, CA 8/19/07


Best Parody Song

Amputee (Tom Petty - Refugee) (lyrics) Ron Low (not competing) 8/20/07
It's Beautiful (James Blunt - You're Beautiful) (lyrics) (video) Ron Low & Darkfur 8/20/07


Best Parody Lyrics

I Vow to Thee Dear Sonny (I Vow to Thee My Country) Michael Glass 8/31/07
I Will Survive Michael Glass 8/31/07
Wanking a Foreskin (Waltzing Matilda) Michael Glass 8/30/07
Foreskins Did Help in Ages Past Michael Glass 8/30/07
Anything Goes Michael Glass 8/28/07
Foreskins Bright and Beautiful Michael Glass 8/28/07
Yesterday Michael Glass 8/28/07
Vintage Jingle Collection Paul DeShaw 8/19/07
Forgive Me Love (Alanis Morrisette - Your House) Ron Low (not competing) 7/6/07
With Bob on our Side (Bob Dylan - With God on his Side) Sigismond 12/11/06


Best Poem

Birthright Reclamation Rosie 9/3/07
An American Obscenity Nicole JoAnne Littleton 9/2/07
Poor Little Guy C J Lewis 8/22/07
Legacy C J Lewis 8/22/07
Honor Ron Low (not competing) 7/6/07
Poem for the Rights of the Child Sigismond 12/11/06
Take Your Whole Baby Home Glen Powell 9/22/06
Pain E B 9/07/06


Best Previously Published Work

Mother Sobs Upon Seeing Circumcision Wound (YouTube clip) James 3D 7/31/07
A Bris Before Dying (Simpsons video clip) James 3D 7/31/07
First Love by Van Lewis (poem) Van Lewis 9/18/06
Outlook Video - Intactivists Forego Circumcision (Google Video) David Wilton - 8/20/06


Best Student Submission


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