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TLC Tugger 2008 Pro-Intact Video, Song, and Poetry Contest
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Best YouTube Video (Comedy) 

The God Father (YouTube clip) Philosophobia 7/9/08
Dr. Kutter, Nurse Snippet, and Eunice Ewe (trilogy+) EnoFrisk 7/9/08
How to Circumcise Baby Boy from Home (DELETED by YouTube) Onision 7/9/08
Meet TLC Tugger (Vimeo clip) Kenya Matthews 12/22/07


Best YouTube Video (Tragedy) 

Wake Up Doctors!!! (YouTube clip pecuniarygmailcom 8/3/08
Quest for the Missing Piece (trailer) (28th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival Oded Lotan 8/2/08
Circumcision is Mutilation (YouTube clip) DolfinBoysF 7/31/08
Intersex Genital Mutilation (YouTube clip) PainfulQuestioning 5/24/08

Best YouTube Video (Musical) 

Amputee Karaoke (Tom Petty - Refugee) (lyrics) (YouTube clip) Ron Low (not competing) 6/4/08
The Truth about Circumcision (YouTube clip) RevLeland49 4/30/08
What a Wonderful World of Foreskins (YouTube clip) Ron Low (not competing) 3/10/08


Best YouTube Video (Monologue) 

How to heal from circumcision: (You Tube clip) Ian Clark 9/11/08
Foreskin Handjob Envy (You Tube clip) AdamFilmMaker 2/9/08
Parenting Dilemma: Circumcise Your Newborn Baby? (You Tube clip) Care4urBaby 12/15/07
Intersex Children and Gender Re-assignment (You Tube clip) Loreleila 11/1/07
I Stand for Genital Integrity (YouTube clip) Ron Low (not competing) 10/23/07

Best Original Song 

Whole Paul DeShaw 10/1/08
Love You Forever Ron Low (not competing) 8/29/08


Best Parody Song 

Forgive Me Love (Alanis Morrisette - Your House) (YouTube clip) Ron Low (not competing) 8/15/08


Best Parody Lyrics 

Foreskin Home C J Lewis 9/29/08
Let It Be Sigismond 9/27/08
Yesterday Sigismond 9/27/08
The Foreskin Butchers (Decemberists parody) Trent Britton 8/14/08
Once Upon a Time Ron Low (not competing) 8/1/08


Best Poem 

Lullaby for the Damned C J Lewis 9/29/08
To Me C J Lewis 9/29/08
My Most Private Place Patrick Julius 9/21/08
First Love Van Lewis 9/20/08
Upon the Restoration Darren Crawford 7/6/08
Your First Day Sigismond 4/8/08
Sexual Ecology EnoFrisk 4/8/08


Best Previously Published Work 

Look at these Hands (Prose) by Mary Conant, RN Ron Low (not competing) 9/15/08
CUT - Slicing through the Myths of Circumcision - Now available on DVD (trailer) (YouTube clip) Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon 1/28/08


Best Student Submission 

My Most Private Place (poem) Patrick Julius 9/21/08
Upon the Restoration (poem) Darren Crawford 7/6/08


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