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2009 Contest

TLC Tugger 2009 Pro-Intact Video, Song, and Poetry Contest
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Entries closed as of October 15, 2009:

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Best YouTube Video (Comedy) 

War on Circumcision (video download) Stretchalot1 9/27/09
Foreskin Face Rejuvenation (YouTube Clip) vilousas 5/25/09
Hot Dad Action: Circumlocution (YouTube clip) DadLabs 4/14/09


Best YouTube Video (Tragedy) 

Commercial Spoof for Circumcision (YouTube clip) helookalikaman79 9/12/09
Problems of Natural Penis Enlargement (YouTube clip) taurusmoxie 9/12/09
University of Chicago Violates Medical Ethics? (YouTube clip) Bonobo3D 9/1/09
Foreskin Restoration (YouTube clip) Bonobo3D 5/15/09
Tuli (Circumcision Documentary) (YouTube clip) romeobarcena 4/4/09
CUT VS UNCUT!!  Is there a better choice? (WITHDRAWN YouTube clip) TwentySomethingTV 8/3/08

Best YouTube Video (Musical) 

Circumcision is Bad (YouTube clip) Jeff Sanger 10/08/09
Circumcised Friendship (YouTube clip) danideparted 7/10/09
Born Intact - SuperBowl version (YouTube clip) Ron Low (not competing) 3/1/09
Amputee Karaoke (Tom Petty - Refugee) Unplugged (YouTube clip) BagPiper2005 10/1/08


Best YouTube Video (Monologue) 

Circumcision?  Are You Serious (YouTube clip) NekaDidIt 9/24/09
From My Cold, Dead Foreskin (YouTube clip) willconley777 9/04/09
Circumcision as HIV Prevention? (YouTube clip) jackbrussells 8/24/09
Circumcision is WRONG! (YouTube clip) thegreatestbak 8/24/09
(Recent) Circumcision (YouTube clip) polikaze 7/30/09
Thinking 101: Circumcision (YouTube clip) TheMetahuman 7/27/09
Hospital Protest - Circumcision (YouTube clip) Dan Strandjord 6/5/09
Our Circumcision Decision (YouTube clip) faintstarlite 4/24/09
Circumcision - Child Rape? (YouTube clip) MichaelWarriorOfLove 4/20/09
Circumcision - It's an odd procedure (YouTube clip) DontLikeDontWatch 4/14/09
Circumcision - What the Deal? (WITHDRAWN YouTube clip) JonnyMoonshine777 10/17/08

Best Original Song 

Circumcision is Bad (YouTube clip) Jeff Sanger (not competing) 10/08/09
Grow It Back Again Ron Low (not competing) 8/21/09
10 Dock Commandments (YouTube clip) gromagna55  8/10/09
Circumcised Friendship (YouTube clip) danideparted 7/10/09


Best Parody Song 

Once Upon a Lie Ron Low (not competing) 8/1/08


Best Parody Lyrics 

Battle Hymn of the Restorer Andy 10/15/09
Dragonflies C J Lewis 10/14/08
Circumcision Rhapsody Andy 10/14/09
Toxicity TuggerJo 9/17/09
Incomplete Seung Woo Kim 8/22/09
Snipped World Robert Stone 5/7/09
Let It Be Sigismond 10/1/08
Yesterday Sigismond 10/1/08


Best Poem 

What Say Ye C J Lewis 10/15/08
‘Twas my foreskin, nothing more (YouTube recitation) Jeff Sanger 10/09/09
An Old, New Choice Renee 8/23/09
Mixed Emotions Charles Morgan 8/11/09
Pyrrhic V-ctory J'Leo 7/22/09
My Circ Story Quest4Manhood 7/1/09
What Will You Say? J C 5/19/09
If This Poem Finds You Comfortless... Darren 3/17/09
El Poema Carlos 2/18/09
My Precious Jewel Jordan 1/30/09
The Scar That Collars My Eternal Soul Sharako LunarWolf 12/3/08


Best Previously Published Work 

Dr. Spock on Baby Circumcision (LiveVideo clip) wholebaby 9/22/09
The male circumcision debate (YouTube clip) jpertel1964 9/21/09
Penn Says: Look Like Daddy? (Crackle Video clip) David Wilton 9/15/09
BBC Three Mischief: Circumcise Me? (YouTube clip) Ron Low (not competing) 6/15/09
Partly Private (trailer) Tribeca award-winning documentary Danae Elon 4/23/09
The Cutter (song by Echo and the Bunnymen) Frank 3/21/09
The End Of Circumcision (YouTube of 60-Minutes Australia segment) freedom0f5peech 10/8/08


Best Student Submission 

Circumcision Rhapsody (Parody Lyrics) Andy 10/14/09
Toxicity (Parody Lyrics) TuggerJo 9/17/09
Incomplete (Parody Lyrics) Seung Woo Kim 8/22/09
Pyrrhic V-ctory (Poem) J'Leo 7/22/09
Foreskin Face Rejuvenation (YouTube Clip) vilousas 5/25/09
My Precious Jewel (Poem) Jordan 1/30/09

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