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TLC or Mini TLC?

Q: Why would I want the Mini version of the TLC Tugger? 

A: If you're near the end of your restoration, you want the opening of your new skin tube to be as narrow as possible.  For this reason, you would want a tugger with less girth.  

The problem is that the Mini has less surface area to hold your skin.  Folks just starting most likely will not have enough slack skin to use the Mini effectively.  If you can roll enough skin forward WHEN ERECT to completely hide your glans temporarily, then the Mini should work for you.  If you're short on slack, we may be able to make a TLC-Deep (a Tugger with a Deeper recess for the glans) in your size.   Contact us for advice if you're concerned.  

To be clear, what's Mini for one user may be too wide for another.  What we call Mini is just a Tugger that's narrower than 75% of your flaccid glans width.  If you supply your measurements to the nearest 1/16" or nearest mm, every TLC device comes with our Right-Size guaranty. 

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