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Your-Skin Guide

Before using, read the The Natural Penis and Restoration for explanations of restoration terminology.   

Step 1: Roll the skin of your flaccid penis forward to cover your glans

Step 2: When the glans is covered, bunch up your skin

Step 3: Wedge the bunched-up skin into the Your-skin Cone

Step 4: Check for uniformity.  Here the exposed part of the glans is nicely centered 

Step 5: Make sure the cone hangs on by itself.  Wear it under briefs (not boxers) and to bed at night

Step 6: If the cone was invisible, this is how your skin would look with the cone properly fitted

Step 7: Be prepared to gain a healthy shine when your skin is pulled back
Step 8: Hygiene

a) Wash the cone daily

b) Remove the cone to urinate

c) Wash your glans and inner skin only with clear water or a non-soap cleanser like Cetaphil liquid

d) Take before pictures

e) After a month or two, take a jog without the cone.  Your penis will be noticeably sensitive to banging around in your shorts, and you'll know the cone is working.  

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