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Q: How do I know which size Your-Skin Cone to order?

There's a Your-Skin® Cone in your size
There's a TLC Tugger® in your size


A: Don't worry about it.  If you supply us your measurements, we give you our Right-Size guaranty; that is, a three-months no-questions-asked refund or replacement option.  

By its conical geometry, the cone fits a wide variety of anatomical apportionment.  If you think you're outside the normal size range, you can perform a measurement so we get you the right one.  

Just look down at your penis, and with a staight ruler measure the widest point of the head of your penis.  Send the flaccid and erect numbers.  We're asking for a width, a diameter.  Don't measure around, measure across.  Measure to the nearest 1/16" or nearest mm.  

We measure erect size because the cone can be worn to bed, where you will certainly experience nocturnal erections.  You should also supply your "forced erect coverage," the percent of your glans you can temporarily force skin over while erect, so we can size Pushers for the TLC-X, and predict whether any of the devices like Packers or Stretch Tuggers should work for you through even a night's sleep.  

After you order, promptly send us:

- Glans width flaccid

- Glans width erect

- Forced erect coverage

WE will worry about sizes.  

The standard RC10 cone comfortably fits folks who measure up to 1.8 inches or 4.5 cm erect.  If you're beyond that, order the oversized model.  There are now 5 sizes listed on the Your-Skin Cone page.  If you're at the extreme limits of size, contact us so we can make you the proper device.  

The oversized RC14 model and the other Your-Skin Cone sizes have the same angles and work with all TLC Tugger models.  However, if you don't need the oversized, you'll find it gets knocked loose easier than a properly fitting cone.  

For the TLC Mini, the TLC Packer 8, the TLC Packer 16, and the TLC Stretch Tuggers, which are all 1 3/16" (30mm) diameter by default, a smaller Your-Skin Cone (the RC8) will work, and may provide a slight comfort advantage.  The interface is with the device, not with your glans.  

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