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Radio Ads

For the 2004 election season, we ran a print ad on the web site of George W. Bush's home town newspaper, which endorsed John Kerry for President:

If your computer can play MP3s, you can click to hear these audio snips.  

    - 10 Second TLC Tugger . com Radio ad - version 1 (90k)

    - 10 Second TLC Tugger . com Radio ad - version 2 (90k)

    - 60 Second TLC Tugger . com Radio ad (400k)

Click these links to read the longer voice-over copy in MS-Word format:

    - 60 Second TLC Tugger . com Announcer copy

    - 30 Second TLC Tugger . com Announcer copy

And here, by popular request, is my rock composition (with original vocals) that I used as a music bed for the ads.  It's based on a true story of a kid who settled a drug-related debt by tipping a gang member off to the return of his own aunt from the currency exchange where she cashed her tax refund check.  She was gunned down in March 2002 in front of her Chicago home in front of her daughter and husband, who were also wounded.  The nephew confessed a month later.  

    - Confession - copyright 2002 Ron Low (2.5Mb) [other songs]

The graphic below is the ad we ran on the sex-talk page of Q101's web site for one month.  Listening at (WKQX 101.1 FM Chicago) that month, you would have heard them say "Brought to you by TLC Tugger: Proudly restoring men to maximum sensitivity. It's easy. Go to TLC Tugger dot com."


The graphic to the right ran in the Chicago Reader, SF Bay Guardian, Washington City Paper and select others in March of 2007 for the 10th anniversary march on Washington to extend the FGM law to cover boys and the intersexed.  

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