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To prevent the circumcision of next generation, TLC Tugger - in cooperation with the Infant Welfare Society and our web partners - is proud to offer a FREE Your-Skin cone to any expectant father for just $2 postage.  With this device, Dad will quickly realize how much more sensitive the glans is when covered by his own skin.  There will be no question about leaving the newborn intact.  

There's also a great article to help Mom stand her ground on protecting the newborn.  You might enjoy hearing a man's perspective on circumcision from a Howard Stern Radio Show newscast (7 minutes MP3 format).  


Before considering circumcision, everyone should view "The Prepuce" by Doctors Opposing Circumcision (20 Mb Windows media file).  This 20 minute video is rich with info about the marvels of the foreskin.  It's truly more penile anatomy knowledge than typical US medical students possess upon graduation.  

The Your-Skin® Cone

8/1/05: Welcome MINNESOTA to the list of states which have voted to remove funding for routine circumcision from public medical programs! (other states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah and Washington; plus Canada, the UK, and most everywhere else in Europe).   

The Your-Skin Restoration Cone allows you to comfortably keep your own skin rolled up over your glans.  This allows your glans and "inner" skin (between circ scar and glans) to regain natural health and sensitivity. 

Hangs on by itself !!

Thousands sold on ebay (see sample listing). 

Very Easy to Use (brief graphic instructions)

  •   Roll skin up over your glans
  •   Retain the rolled up skin with the Your-Skin® Cone
  •   Wear all day under briefs, and to bed at night
  •   No tape!  Detailed guide included.  

Special Offer Pricing

Use the add-to-cart and checkout buttons ON THIS PAGE to get the special deal.  Pay with PayPal* and then send evidence of impending birth for a refund of all but S&H.  One free cone per family.  

Dad's offer includes waterproof ankle bands with the words "DO NOT circumcise or retract" for your infant to wear while in the hospital.  (MISTAKES HAPPEN)  These bands are also available free if you send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address below.  



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Guide to Using the Your-Skin Cone DRC $0
Shipping / fitting (per order, select airmail or Priority during checkout; you'll get all but S&H from of your order total back) THIS OFFER not available for Italy, South Africa.  s&h $varies
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* To pay by mail, send S&H and proof of pregnancy to: 
     TLC, Inc
     2020 Landwehr
     Northbrook, IL  60062

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