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The TLC Hangers give you the gentle tug of gravity in any weight from 1 to 20.5 ounces

TLC Hangers H13 Stainless Steel Weights Set

The new TLC Hangers weight system is giving men another great option for tension.   Nothing tugs as consistently as the gentle hug of earth's gravity.   

The 1.75" diameter set consists of a 5.5 ounce conical cup that puts as much of the weight as possible up high around the TLC Tugger, TLC Packer, VLC Tugger, VLC Hanger, or TLC-X.  The other pieces weigh about 1 ounce each.  With these you can combine to fine-tune applied weight between 1 ounce and 13.5 ounces with a 1 ounce increment between available combinations.  

See the TLC Hangers demo video (right-click to save the 130Mb file to your computer before you try to play it).   


  •   Made of dense easy-care 304 stainless steel so productive amounts of weight are compact enough for discreet all-day wear. 

  •   Compact 1.75" diameter (narrower than a standard Your-Skin Cone).  They stack at 8ouncs per inch (17.5 ounces just reaches to the end of the TLC-X Tugger handle).  

  •   Quickly adjustable between 1 and 13.5 ounces or more for optimum comfort and effectiveness.    

  •   NO PINCH POINTS!  Because the weight is OUTSIDE the skin tube, no incidental contact with furniture will ever give you a painful bite.  

  •   Rides higher and more discreetly than other weight systems.  

  •   Lifetime warranty on stainless parts, plus our usual 3-months, no-questions-asked refund option. 

  •   The included CSH collar and set screw plus the new Cuff give a quick and simple way to add variable weighted tension to the TLC-X Tugger or VLC Hanger ADS.   

  •   Standard set includes steel weights, 2 conical silicone spacers, Cuff, and Collar.  For use with any TLC-X, VLC Hanger, or TLC Air device.  TLC Packer, TLC Tugger, or VLC Tugger require item THA offered separately (see video for application).    




TLC Hangers 10-piece set - H5 conical weight plus 1" stack of approx. 1-ounce fine-tuning weights (13.5 ounces total) plus Cuff, spare TLC-X Collar, and accessories.  For use with TLC-X, VLC Hanger, TLC-XPE, TLC Air, TLC FlexAir 
declaration required, see note below tugging device not included, postage surcharge required
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TLC Hangers - required postage surcharge - US, Canada, or other international

ALL weights orders

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TLC Hangers - required postage surcharge - Brazil, Italy, and South Africa only - see note.**

ALL weights orders

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TLC Hangers 5.5-ounce lathed conical weight only
starter weight rides high against the retaining cone of a tugging device

declaration required, see note below tugging device not included, postage surcharge required
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TLC Hangers 1" stack - (8 ounces total) of stamped (not lathed) stainless discs approx. 1-ounce each allow for fine-tuning of weight stack to suit girth, skin thickness, and intended wear duration.  
WOW!  Affordable!

declaration required, see note below tugging device not included, postage surcharge required
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Spare collar and long set screws for using Hangers with TLC-X, TLC Air, or VLC Hanger go to


Spare TLC Hangers Cuff, for attaching weights to devices WITH a Rod
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Spare TLC Hangers conical spacer, for attaching weights to devices with a wavy chrome handle go to


TLC Hangers accessories (2 RCH cone spacers, lace, large and small stainless washers, for attaching weights to devices WITHOUT a Rod) go to


Tug N Wear Tugging Undergarment (sold elsewhere, see link) highly recommended for containment of all components of any device.   Sold Elsewhere
Guide to Using the TLC Hangers (see also 130Mb video demo) DTLC-H $0
TLC Documents CD-ROM in case you don't care to download all the files at the Instructions page and Media Library, we've assembled over 450Mb of them on a CD-R. Includes TLC HANGERS demo.  go to CDR $5
TLC Demos DVD DOES NOT include TLC HANGERS at this time - 60-minute DVD (in English - no subtitles - which format does my country use?). 
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Shipping / fitting (per order, select during checkout) for Brazil, Italy, South Africa see note.** s&h $varies
Customization / Special handling
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If you have a quote for special handling or product customization, choose this item then adjust the quantity to match the number of dollars you were quoted. 
$$ $1/ea
TLC Hangers 5-piece set - 5 weights (20.5 ounces) plus Cuff and accessories
declaration required, see note below tugging device not included DISCONTINUED


TLC Hangers 4-piece set - 4 weights (12.5 ounces) plus Cuff and accessories
declaration required, see note below tugging device not included DISCONTINUED


TLC Hangers 1-ounce, 2-ounce, and 4-ounce add-on set - lathed weights only - to mix and match for fine-tuning the tension in 1-ounce increments

declaration required, see note below tugging device not included DISCONTINUED


TLC Hangers 8-ounce add-on lathe cut weight only

declaration required, see note below tugging device not included DISCONTINUED


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Notes on the TLC Hangers
Thanks for your interest in the TLC Hangers.  More than strapped Tugging, this technique gives you the power to do real damage if used carelessly.  Even if used correctly, weights can cause damage if something unexpected happens.  For example you might be wearing your Hangers while you have a slip-and-fall accident.  The weight wasn't dangerous until combined with the high energy of your body falling.  You may find walking so comfortable that you're tempted to run.  Just know that the inertia that weights have is very different from strapped tension and you could get quite a jolt as the weights bounce around.  Proceed with caution.  
For my own peace of mind, I'd like to know that all TLC Hangers users are cautious, actively involved restorers.  I will not ship TLC Hangers until I have received a copy of the declaration from the buyer.  If more than a week goes by and I still haven't gotten the declaration or heard from you, I'll reverse your PayPal payment or tear up your check.  If you're the kind of person who doesn't follow directions or read the fine print you probably haven't gotten this far anyway.  
The TLC Hangers are relatively new, so even the maker can't know all the things they're capable of.  Basically it's a strapless tension system as shown in the demo video, and you could use it with the classic TLC Tugger, the VLC Tugger, the TLC Stretch, the TLC Packers, the TLC-X, the VLC Hanger, or with your own method.  TugNWear is highly recommended to contain all components in the event the device loosens from your penis.  
When adding weight, take it easy.  Just because we supply various size pieces that add up to 20.5 ounces or more doesn't mean we expect you to use them all together.  I have found 12 ounces is more than enough for about an hour, and 7 ounces is enough for longer wear, but the system lets you fine-tune the amount.  Start low and work up very gradually until getting through 4 straight hours begins to be a challenge, then back off.    
So to place your order go ahead and use the "add to cart" icons and checkout.  Then click THIS LINK, copy the declaration text you find there by hitting ctrl-A then ctrl-C, then open your e-mail account and paste the text into the message body with ctrl-V (Mac users may need other steps).  Add your name at the bottom and send it to  You can also print it out and mail it to us.  
-Ron Low
President, TLC, Inc.    
** shipping note: Due to large number of lost parcels, we now require a special insured class of service when shipping weights into Brazil, Italy, and South Africa.  This also means your parcel is more likely to be assessed duty for its actual price.  
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