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Sometimes it's hard to strike up a conversation about how infants need to be left intact.  With these items, you'll get more chances.  See also FREE window/bumper stickers.

You can click the graphic below to go directly to to see our full line and get more phrases, see other choices of colors and styles, save money, and get your shirt impossibly quickly.  They're GOOD.  

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SPECIAL OFFER: Send me a .jpg photo of you wearing the shirt in public and I'll send you $20 in TLC coupons you can use on your next order or even sell on ebay.  Your photo will not be published anywhere without your approval.  



Intactivist Leaflets - 2-sided color 5.5" x 3" - pack of 100

Click to view Side 1

Click to view Side 2
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LFLT $2 per 100
TLC Tugger® Logo T-Shirt
Long Sleeve, natural beige or white
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TLC Tugger Logo T-Shirt
Short Sleeve, white with black or royal blue trim
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TLC Tugger Logo Ladies Fitted Raglan
Long Sleeve, white with black or royal blue trim
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TLC Tugger License Plates
Short Sleeve, white with black or royal blue trim
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TLC Tugger® License Plates - Men's Raglan
Long Sleeve, white with black or royal blue trim
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TLC Tugger Logo Onesie
Infant creeper in white or baby blue
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TLC Tugger Logo Infant T-Shirt
Infant T in white or baby blue
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Shipping / fitting (per order, select during checkout) for Italy, South Africa see note.** s&h $varies
Customization / Special handling
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If you have a quote for special handling or product customization, choose this item then adjust the quantity to match the number of dollars you were quoted. 
$$ $1/ea
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* We offer FREE shipping to armed forces addresses (including codes BFPO, AA, AE, and AP). If you qualify for free shipping and use PayPal, you'll get a rebate for s&h.  
** shipping note: Due to large number of lost parcels, we now require a special insured class of service when shipping into Italy and South Africa. It costs extra, but we'll partially share that with you. This also means your parcel is more likely to be assessed duty for its actual price.  

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