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Your-Skin Cone

Your-Skin Cone
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The Your-Skin® Cone

The Your-Skin Restoration Cone allows you to comfortably keep your own skin rolled up over your glans.  This allows your glans and "inner" skin (between circ scar and glans) to regain natural health and sensitivity. 

Hundreds sold on ebay (see sample listing). 

Very Easy to Use (brief online instructions)

  •   Roll skin up over your glans
  •   Retain the rolled up skin with the Your-Skin® Cone
  •   Wear all day under briefs, and to bed at night
  •   No tape!  Detailed guide included.  
    See how it hangs on by itself - NO TAPE OR ADHESIVE! Imagine pulling back your skin to see a shiny, supple, sensitive glans!
    Hangs on by itself Regain a healthy shiny glans




Your-Skin Cone - standard opening go to


Your-Skin Cone - WIDE opening for TLC-X go to



Your-Skin Cones in 5 stock sizes

Cone Inside Diameter Maximum Erect Glans Width Our Part Number
36 mm 40 mm RC8
39 mm 43.5 mm RC10
43 mm 48 mm RC14
47 mm 53 mm RC18
52 mm 58 mm RC22

We supply a Your-Skin Cone sized so the inside diameter is at least 10% wider than your flaccid glans width and ideally up to 90% as wide as your erect glans width.   Cones can be supplied with WIDE opening suitable for the TLC-X, or with the standard opening for use with TLC Tuggers, Packers, VLCs, Stretch Tuggers, or used alone as a retainer.   In practice cones larger than our RC10 size all have an opening compatible with the TLC-X, and cones smaller than our RC8 size are custom made with a smaller-than-standard opening.  

Your-Skin Cone 3-pack (Email us with sizes/styles) go to


Your-Skin Cone 7-pack (By recommendation only, email us first) go to


TLC Packer conical spacer (Packer0) - 
Like a TLC Tugger but without the tugging handle, for "packing" - (requires a Your-Skin Cone) See details at TLC Packer go to
P0 $22
Guide to Using the Your-Skin Cone DRC $0
TLC Documents CD-ROM in case you don't care to download all the files at the Instructions page and Media Library, we've assembled over 450Mb of them on a CD-R.  go to CDR $5
TLC Demos DVD in case you don't care to use a computer to browse the CD-R, the demos and some of the documentary footage have been made into a 60-minute DVD (in English - no subtitles - which format does my country use?). 
go to go to




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