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The TLC-X Tugger can provide extra inner tension, or be used without straps 

TLC-X Tugger® with Collar, Pusher, and RC-X Your-Skin® Retaining Cone

The TLC-X Tapeless Conical Tugger system allows you extend the inner section against the glans for extra inner tension.  You can also use it without straps, like a dynamic version of the TLC Packer.  See demo intro video, or TLC-X/Collet Demo, or rubber band demo video, or springs demo video.


Set includes the Tugger, Retaining cone, Pusher, short and long center Rods, Collar, 2 spare set screws and fail-safe lace, plus stainless conical inner spring with washer and 6 sample rubber bands
click for hi-res view of collar version
see also
Collet Demo




TLC-X Tugger - new bi-directional technology for extra inner tension or variable strapless tensioning.  NOW with COLLET ( no set screws) and Rubber Band Clip

The TLC-X is made of soft food-grade silicone and stainless metal parts
straps optional, declaration required, see note below
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ComforTug™ Tugging Straps (singly, pre-configured)
Day Night
White go to go to
Tan go to go to
Black go to go to

Featuring Bodacious™ clips, adjustable length (48" max, plus 50% elongation at 3 pounds tension)
 The bent-down part of the jaw grabs solidly through the handle, yet allows for some float for comfort.  When closed, the clip is nice and flat.

Don't like straps?  Try the new TLC Hangers weight system
SUS $7
Extra-Long ComforTug™ Tugging Straps
72" Extra Long
Black only go to

36" - 72" adjustable length, for guys over 6' or 200# to use over-the shoulder in bed.  

SUS-X $8
TLC-X Custom center rods can be made as long as you need.  Useful for using elastic band self-contained dynamic tension mode (see strapless demo video).  Colors will vary   go to


TLC Selects 21mm set, spacer disks allow for 7 Pusher length increases of 3mm each, compare to buying 7 Pushers for over $160, full stack uses up 1" of Rod length  Why lengthen the device as you gain slack? go to


TLC Selects 24mm piece, a spacer disk which allows the CYL-X to give 8 more Pusher length increases of 3mm each, compare to buying 8 Pushers for over $185, full stack uses up another 1" of Rod length, requires CYL-X.   go to


TLC-X Pushers 
Users with a fair amount of slack may want a longer Pusher when using the TLC-X without straps.  See demo video.  For a discussion of how and why to choose a specific length Pusher read THIS ARTICLE.   All widths available, just supply your measurements.  Specific-length Pushers are being phased out.  Use TLC Selects to alter the starting length of the TLC-X.  

PX0, PX2, PX5, PX9, PX14, and PX20 Pushers go to go to go to go to go to go to go to go to go to go to Send us an email for help with Deep Pushers, Slim Pushers, or other sizing concerns.  

















TLC-X #16 Elastic Bands for dynamic strapless tension (See strapless demo video) (6 bands included with each TLC-X)
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Spare Your-Skin Cone for TLC-X (wide opening): go to


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$3 go to


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$34 Guide to Using the TLC-X (coming soon) DTLC-X $0 TLC Documents CD-ROM in case you don't care to download all the files at the Instructions page and Media Library, we've assembled over 450Mb of them on a CD-R.  go to CDR $5 TLC Demos DVD in case you don't care to use a computer to browse the CD-R, the demos and some of the documentary footage have been made into a 60-minute DVD (in English - no subtitles - which format does my country use?). 
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Shipping / fitting (per order, select during checkout) for Italy, South Africa see note.** s&h $varies Customization / Special handling
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If you have a quote for special handling or product customization, choose this item then adjust the quantity to match the number of dollars you were quoted. 
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Notes on the TLC-X
Thanks for your interest in the TLC-X.  More than other Tuggers, this Tugger gives you the power to do real damage if used carelessly.  Even if used correctly, Tuggers can cause damage if something unexpected happens.  For example, you might be wearing your Tugger while you have a car accident; the tugging wasn't dangerous until combined with the high energy of moving traffic.  
For my own peace of mind, I'd like to know that all TLC-X users are cautious, actively involved restorers.  I will not ship a TLC-X until I have received a copy of the declaration from the buyer.  If more than a week goes by and I still haven't gotten the declaration or heard from you, I'll reverse your PayPal payment or tear up your check.  If you're the kind of person who doesn't follow directions or read the fine print you probably haven't gotten this far.  
The TLC-X is relatively new, so even its maker can't know all the things it's capable of.  Basically it's a tapeless Tugger, and you could use it exactly like the regular TLC and ignore its extensible feature.  The advantage of adding inner tension after the retaining cone is applied is that the rollover point has then been fixed so the added tension is truly focused on the inner skin in a way that not even our Stretch Tuggers could achieve before this.  
When extending the rod, take it easy.  I have found 1/4" to 1/2" is plenty.  Even at that, like all packing methods it will make temporary impressions in the glans, and you need to judge when these become a problem.  Rather than using super long rod extension, consider a Stretched Pusher.  The long rod will mainly come in handy if you're using the TLC-X in self-contained elastic tension mode (see demo video).  For strapless mode, greater extensions are necessary, but ideally you would use a long Pusher piece to force a roll-over point further from the glans, apply the retaining cone, and then add the same 1/4" to 1/2" rod extension.  Note that I've made straps optional, but I intend to mostly use the TLC-X with straps or weights myself.  
So to place your order go ahead and use the "add to cart" icons and checkout.  Then click THIS LINK, copy the declaration text you find there by hitting ctrl-A then ctrl-C, then open your e-mail account and paste the text into the message body with ctrl-V (Mac users may need other steps).  Add your name at the bottom and send it to  You can also print it out and mail it to us.  
-Ron Low
President, TLC, Inc.    
** shipping note: Due to large number of lost parcels, we now require a special insured class of service when shipping into Italy and South Africa.  It costs extra, but we'll share that with you.  This also means your parcel is more likely to be assessed duty calculated on its actual price.    
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