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Testimonials, feedback, and info about TLC products

Ron Low's Ebay Feedback - 1000's of cones sold online and on ebay (see sample Ebay listing).
The TLC Tugger Online User Group is now at  Any feedback about the new site is much appreciated. 

A friend with a sense of humor sent this in.
TLC Tugger Testimonials - e-mail from recent customers.  
TLC Tugger Frequently Asked Questions and answers.  
Product Guides - download a detailed intro to restoration using TLC products.  All product guides and much of TLC Media library are now available on a 450Mb CD-ROM or a 60-minute DVD.  

Intactness - reasons not to circumcise - for the most complete rebuttal to any pro-circ argument
Circumcision and HIV Blog - Intactivist David Wilton is compiling all the latest info on attempts by long-time circumcision justifiers to link genital mutilation to HIV prevention.  Rebuttals aren't hard to find.  For starters, the South Africa, Kenya, and Uganda findings don't explain how 450,000 US men who were cut at birth have died of AIDS.  
NoCirc of Oklahoma has put together a nice compelling yet brief summary and introduction to the idea of leaving your new baby intact.  
2007 Penile Sensitivity Research published in the British Journal of Urology by Sorrells et al - the first legitimate cut/intact comparison that didn't ignore the sensitivity of the parts cut men are missing.  Surprise!  The foreskin is the best part of penis, including over half the sensual nerve endings.  
ValYou the Foreskin hosts a nice compendium of resources on just what's wrong with circumcising infants.  
3 Zones of Penile Skin - photo-illustrated by John A. Erickson.
No Circumcision Blog out of Canada has some great concise write-ups on why infants should be left intact.  
Circumcision Information Resource Pages is a pioneering voice of compassion.  Any relevant research topic you can imagine is probably archived here.  
The Press Room at Intactivist Network collects relevant articles about circumcision.  Search the archives or add your favorite.  
The Case Against Circumcision by Dr. Paul Fleiss is an article that appeared in Mothering Magazine and is now archived at  

The Case Against Circumcision is also the name of an uncensored forum with the focused mission of coordination and support of efforts to end non-therapeutic circumcision through education and legal action.

This sign was spotted on the streets of London - 2006

The Case Against Circumcision is also the name of a Forum hosted by  The discussion of sexuality and of religion is prohibited.  

C by National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NoCirc.og) is 20 minute broadcast-quality video with clear and compelling reasons to leave children intact.  Hosted at YouTube and split into two parts: 
"The Prepuce" by Doctors Opposing Circumcision (20 Mb Windows media file).  This 20 minute video is rich with info about the marvels of the foreskin and natural male anatomy.   
CNN Report on Circumcision (2 MB Windows Media file)
Spotting Circumcision Damage in Adults: Many "normal" cut men never realize the damage that was done.  This page also links to a gruesome gallery of severely botched mutilations.  Compare them to these intact erect penises.  
How male circumcision may be affecting your love life Eye-opening article by Dr. Christine Northrup from MenSight online magazine.  
Wacky World of Circumcision at Yahoo groups - includes recent foreskin press from around the world.  
Top Ten Reasons to leave your son intact.  
Non-Surgical Treatment for tight foreskin, from the experts at NORM-UK
Short History of Circumcision - a great article on how the mutilation became entrenched in American culture. will break your heart and turn anyone into an anti-circ activist

Intactivism (Intactness Activism) - End genital mutilation in our lifetime

Follow TLCTugger on Twitter
Click to follow TLC Tugger on Twitter for the freshest updates on Intactivist happenings.  Expect a note roughly once a week, and more often during rare media blitzes.  
Intactivist Leaflets - TLC Tugger is now sharing the leaflet we use at parades, festivals, and protests.  
Ron Low's Ebay Auctions - Including custom made-to-order pro-intact window and bumper stickers to get your message across.  
TLC Tugger Logo Apparel - Earn $20 in TLC stuff by wearing a shirt.  
Bonobo3D's YouTube Channel - Interviews and monologues with leading human rights voices.   
TLC Tugger's YouTube Channel - Some songs and monologues about circumcision and restoration. 
TLC Tugger YouTube Contest - Win up to $100 in various categories by producing pro-intact messages (parodies, poems, videos, songs) for mass consumption.  Judging every October.   
Male Genital Mutilation Bill (USA) - Check the web site to make sure a version of the bill to protect all infants has been submitted in your state.  If not, contact to volunteer to become your state's MGM Bill office.  
Take The Foreskin Test at  This is a whimsical quiz-oriented dating site, but the test is seriously exposing hundreds to an intactivist message.  Unfortunately, the test is no longer updateable, so it's slightly out of date. focuses on legislative activism.   You can help.  

Danger sign spotted in London - 2006 is loaded with specific actions you can take to raise awareness, like writing your local paper and your legislature.  
RealityBias blog at DailyKos
This regularly has polls and other chances for you to endorse its well-reasoned and informative humanitarian stance.  
Google Alerts - Uncle TLC wants YOU... set yourself to receive daily e-mail notices for wherever the words "circumcision" "circumcised" or "foreskin" appear in the news or blogs.  Wherever you see anti-skin BS, shout it down in the comments section.  Warning: very addictive.  Maybe get a new free gmail account for this purpose.  Join the warriors for truth.   
Please help raise awareness for leaving intersexed individuals intact.  Persons born with genitalia which is ambiguously somewhat male and also somewhat female (about 1 or 2 per thousand) have the right to decide AS ADULTS whether any part of their bodies will be amputated or altered.  See this brave Daily KOS entry.  
CNN Report on Female "Circumcision" (2 MB Windows Media file)
60 Minutes (Australia) Report on the Circumcision Debate Text report and streaming video.  
Mens Rights are outlined at  A clear case against circumcision tailored to legislative activism.  
Ashley Montagu Resolution to End the Genital Mutilation of Children Worldwide: A Petition to the World Court, the Hague.  Click to sign the petition.  
Contact Howard Stern and thank him for adding his voice to the pro-intact movement (8/17/05 Newscast - 7 minutes, MP3 format).  HOW DARE YOU cut my penis? 10/11/05 8 min  11/15/05 2 min
Rants transcribed
.  Other Audio
Contact Oprah Winfrey and remind her that male genital mutilation is also reason for outrage.  
Excellent Article on Foreskin Restoration (archived at Article on Foreskin Restoration 
The Intactivism Shop - at CafePress offer pro-intact t-shirts and stickers
The Penis Stop - Sells pro-intact t-shirts and stickers, plus other more bawdy items.  

Restoration Support - advice and encouragement for tuggers

The TLC Tugger User Group is hosted at  Nearly 7000 members.   
Attorneys for the Rights of the Child have won lawsuits against circumcisers, EVEN when the procedure was NOT botched.  Time is of the essence to sue successfully, especially if you're over 18.  
The blOuch Project (help us unbreak this link) - the blog for project Ouch is giving cut men or anyone affected by genital mutilation a place to tell their stories and express what being mutilated has done.  Please contribute your story.  The weight of this evidence may eventually topple the $400,000,000 (annually) circumcision industry in the US. - the National Organization of Restoring Men, based in the US - pioneers in advocacy for mens' pleasure.  You can establish a local group.  
Foreskin Restoration Chat and resources - ForeskinRestorationChat.Info is a non-commercial site with a huge restoration directory and search engine.  Real-time chat with other restorers 24/7, and check their scheduled chat sessions hosted by notable authorities in foreskin restoration.  The forum section is gone but the chat was still working last we checked. - This registered charity is a fine restoration and intactness support group based in the United Kingdom, with particular focus on helping young men understand their foreskins despite the deficiencies in the official UK school curriculum.   
Visit AltPenis for news on infertility treatments, impotence research, penis enlargement, male menopause, STDs, and prostate health.
ForeskinRestoration at Yahoo groups - the largest online tuggers' support forum HAS BEEN DELETED WITHOUT WARNING OR CAUSE.  You can try and gripe to Yahoo, but they don't care.  Yahoo is evil.    
TLCTuggerUsers at WAS at the time the home of the largest online tuggers' support forum with 1700 members.  The whole system closed down 11/30/06.  Today's TLC Tugger User Group has nearly 10,000 members.  
PE Gyms has a forum area dedicated to restoration, and VLC Tugger users will also find plenty of guys ready to give advice about Penile Enlargement.  
ThundersPlace enlargement forum has a lot of discussion dedicated to restoration, and VLC Tugger users will also find plenty of guys ready to give advice about Penile Enlargement.  
Matters Of Size has a forum area dedicated to restoration, and VLC Tugger users will also find plenty of guys ready to give advice about Penile Enlargement.  
Restoring Mens Voices at Yahoo groups - how do you feel about foreskin restoration?  
Glossary of the Penis - hosted at  
Coverage Index - a handy guide to help you gauge how much slack you have and relate it to others.  INVALUABLE assortment of intact and restored penis photos. - from the founder of NoHarmm
TLC Tugger ADULTS ONLY User Group at Yahoo groups - oriented toward intimate discussions of eroticism and sharing of progress pix, plus less commonplace things like genital piercing.  
ForeskinRestorationDevices at Yahoo groups - a place to see the nuts and bolts of most any of the home-made techniques

Books to check out

Marked in Your Flesh Circumcision from Ancient Judea to Modern America - by Leonard Glick.  

Use the link below and Amazon will donate a portion to NORM-UK:

Sex as Nature Intended It - by Kristen O'Hara's - Info on the intact penis, with details on homology (male/female anatomical counterparts)
The Rape of Innocence: One Woman's Story of Female Genital Mutilation in the U.S.A. by Patricia Robinett.
The What's Happening to My Body? Book for Boys: A Growing Up Guide for Parents and Sons by Lynda Madaras, Dane Saavedra, and Jackie Aher.
WHAT YOUR DOCTOR MAY NOT TELL YOU ABOUT CIRCUMCISION: Untold Facts on America's Most Widely Performed - and Most Unnecessary - Surgery by Paul M. Fleiss, M.D. and Frederick M. Hodges, D Phil.
Circumcision Exposed: Rethinking a Medical and Cultural Tradition by Billy Ray Boyd
Circumcision: A History of the World's Most Controversial Surgery by David L. Gollaher

Comparison Shopping

TLC Tugger® and Your-Skin Cone® - T)ape L)ess C)onical devices are made of soft latex-free food-grade silicone.  The easiest and most comfortable system available; for the tightest taper.  Unmatched warranty and support.  
TLC-X Bi-Directional Tugger - The most versatile tapeless foreskin restoration device available.    
TLC Packer - Strapless silicone packing system in a range of sizes for every state of slack and apportionment.  Unmatched warranty and support. 
TLC Hangers - The first adjustable stainless steel weight system for tapeless foreskin restoration or PE.   
TugNWear - The first undergarment optimized for tuggers.  Unique system to allow comfortable tugging with no risk of loosing track of any part of your device.    
Device Comparison Chart - Wonderful and very thorough listing of commercial and home-made devices, with links and Consumer Reports-style ratings.  Hadn't been updated since 2006, and so neglected the new TLC-X Bi-Directional Tugger and the TLC Packer last time we checked. 
Tug-Ahoy® - The original tapeless tugger.  Very popular.  Patented and hand-made by the late Dr. James Haughey.  
RECAP-EZ - Unique splint invented by Arthur Gibson pushes at the base of the shaft while pulling the skin tube.  Tapeless.  New inflatable version for those who want a baggy skin tube. 
CAT II Q - Combines packing with tugging, with or without straps.  Tapeless.  
DTR - Tapeless Packing Tensioner. - Convenient source for quality T-Tapes, Supplies, Straps, and info.   
Dile Insert - Bi-directional (inner/outer) tugger. 
ForeBalls - weighted tape-based device
Second Skin Cones - a tape or o-ring method; no relation to the Your-Skin Cone.   

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