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Amel Larrieux-Bravebird
vid by C00LGur1  


In a land far away where the sun doesn't spare a soul
And a twisted tradition has a girl in a strangle hold
Lies a desert with the footprints
Of little girls with a secret
Of a pain
That you and I could never know

Little feet running fast as they can like a bird in flight
Through the days of sand with a fire in the sky
And through indigo nights
She runs away from a life spent
Being witness to other unwilling participants
Of a pain
That you and I will never know

Your a bravebird
Of the rarest kind
You may be one of the walking wounded
But still you fly

Your a bravebird
You put yourself on the line
When you shared your secret with the world
You saved another mothers child 
as she speaks you can tell that the 
words are not easy to say 

They hold the power to transport her back to that impossible day 

but she hasn't any regrets 
'cause' she won't become a woman with a secret 
of a pain 
that you and I could never know 
you and I could never know 
you and I could never know

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