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TLC Tugger 2010 Pro-Intact Video, Song, and Poetry Contest
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Entries as of October 15, 2010:

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Best YouTube Video (Comedy) 

John Safran's Race Relations - foreskin restoration (YouTube clip) John Safran 11/10/09
Robots Circumcision (MP4 clip) James W. 11/27/09
HIV & AIDS CURE FOUND!!! (YouTube clip) cleansexy 12/31/09
Infant Male Decapitation: Pros and Cons (YouTube clip) PrabhupadaAura 02/15/10
The Intactivist - a mission to educate about the intact penis in the circumcision debate (YouTube clip) dyingwishmedia 2/25/10
Off to the Foreskin store... (YouTube clip) LatumWay 05/29/10
Circumcision: WHAT THE FUCK?!!! (YouTube clip) GanjaStuPipesUp 06/17/10


Best YouTube Video (Tragedy) 

Debating Routine Infant Circumcision: Dr Dean Radio Interview (YouTube clip) citarcos 7/15/09
A Field Guide for the Modern Uncircumcised Male (YouTube clip E. Aaron Ross 10/17/09
Informative Circumcision Speech at Chico States Rookie Tournament Part 1 (YouTube clip) dudemnky101 11/27/09
Top 5 Reasons to Circumcise Your Daughters (YouTube clip) freedom0f5peech 1/20/10
Shameful double standards (a small rant) (YouTube clip) ScouseCaspaXS 5/14/10
Barbaric! (YouTube clip) Paxmax 5/30/10
Gay Father, Intactivist, Sperm Donor (YouTube clip) Bonobo3D 5/30/10
Female Circumcision in America - Part 1 (YouTube clip) freedom0speech 7/06/10
The Sanctity of Foreskin (YouTube clip) carlincherrybomb 11/05/10

Best YouTube Video (Musical) 

The 1st Cut is The Deepest (YouTube clip) ee1dea1 5/09/09
I Want My Foreskin Back (YouTube clip) NeoSoreSkin 11/5/09
Worst Day of His Life (to Another Brick in the Wall): (YouTube clip) Ron Low (not competing) 7/1/10
Keep Him Whole - (Bring Him Home from Les Mis) (YouTube clip) Ron Low (not competing) 9/04/10


Best YouTube Video (Monologue) 

Request: Circumcision: (YouTube clip) ZJemptv 3/4/09
Circumcision: (YouTube clip) prettyrulestheworld 8/20/09
Foreskin and Circumcision: (YouTube clip) prettyrulestheworld 10/18/09
God Would Not Condone Circumcision: (YouTube clip) prettyrulestheworld 10/24/09
Secret Men's Business - Circumcision: (YouTube clip) Belteshazzar105 12/14/09
Ban Infant Circumcision in Massachusetts: (YouTube clip) Ron Low (not competing) 2/26/10
Retraction for baby boys is BAD (YouTube clip) lisacoogias 6/05/10
Persuasive speech: (YouTube clip) MammaCat2 6/09/10
Should I have him Circumcised? (YouTube clip) kingkool875 6/09/10

Best Original Song 

(no entries recieved)


Best Parody Song 

Sensations Strong (Bob Marley - Redemption Song) (YouTube clip) Ron Low (not competing) 5/1/10


Best Parody Lyrics 

Fresh Prince of Bell-End (Will Smith) Potato 5/9/10
Victims of Circumcision (Green Day - Jesus of Suburbia) MattBoy115 5/22/10
Daughters (John Mayer) Jennifer and Danelle 7/08/10
Genetic Emancipation (Alexa Vega) Alex Wochna 8/28/10
Lithium (Evanescence) Alex Wochna 9/06/10
Bad Romance (Lady Gaga) Dustin Robertson 10/04/10
Mutilation (Manu Chao - Clandestino) C J Lewis 10/15/10


Best Poem 

My Dog Marcus 2/6/10
Circumcision Poem A M 3/21/10
My Pain and Sorrow A M 3/21/10
Poem EntryWin Don Kim 5/02/10
A Letter to Dad Dann Dayon 5/10/10
Carlos' Poem Carlos E. Espinoza 6/09/10
Without Consent . . . Alex Wochna 6/21/10
Hope Wan Xinua 7/17/10
Pink and Blue David R Viets 8/27/10


Best Previously Published Work 

News Story: Non-Surgical Foreskin Restoration (YouTube clip) ididnotconsent 2/3/09
Foreskin Restoration (Censored) (YouTube clip) Stretchalot1 5/14/09
Jack Black on Circumcision (YouTube clip) iFaithless 10/23/09
WTF Belgian TV show (YouTube clip) LordGamefreak 11/2/09
Amel Larrieux - Bravebird (YouTube clip) Ron Low (not competing) 2/26/10
Rupert Hine - Orange Song (1973)  (YouTube clip) Ron Low (not competing) 4/9/10
Foreskin Restoration (Uncensored) (YouTube clip) Stretchalot1 6/18/10
Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm (YouTube clip) Scot 6/18/10
Brad Roberts discusses circumcision (YouTube clip) nekokate 7/08/10


Best Student Submission 

My Dog Marcus 2/6/10
Lithium (Evanescence) Alex Wochna 9/06/10
Bad Romance (Lady Gaga) Dustin Robertson 10/04/10


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