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TLC Tugger 2011 Pro-Intact Video, Song, and Poetry Gallery
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Entries as of August 20, 2011:

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Best YouTube Video (Comedy) 

Misty Eyes: Jackie Beat's Foreskin (YouTube clip) MistyinFL 10/22/10
Foreskin Music Video - table23 Comedy (YouTube clip) 2/16/11


Best YouTube Video (Tragedy) 

The Sanctity of Foreskin (YouTube clip) carlincherrybomb 11/05/10
Circumcision Decision (Xtranormal Clip) Mincan 1/01/11
Female Circumcision in New York (YouTube clip) 7/06/10
TV3 DSMJ circumcision (YouTube clip) 3/27/11
Circumcision, Global Warming, Reason and the Moon (YouTube clip) 7/09/11
The Circumcision Journal (YouTube clip) 7/18/11
Difference Between: Male & Female Circumcision (YouTube clip) 9/16/11
How Foreskin Works (YouTube clip) 9/16/11
Penis 101 (YouTube clip) 10/05/11

Best YouTube Video (Musical) 

Worst Day of His Life (to Another Brick in the Wall): (YouTube clip) Ron Low (not competing) 7/1/10
Keep Him Whole - (Bring Him Home from Les Mis) (YouTube clip) Ron Low (not competing) 9/04/10


Best YouTube Video (Monologue) 

Does Circumcision Hurt? (YouTube clip) 10/14/10
Intact & Famous: Celebrities With Foreskins (YouTube clip) TheWHOLENetwork 12/01/10
The Pros & Cons of Decapitation (YouTube clip) RapeOfInnocence 12/27/10
Barbara Kay Brings me to Tears (YouTube clip) WatcherAzazel 1/27/11
Justifying Sexual Mutilation (YouTube clip) 1/25/11
Circumcision and Foreskin (YouTube clip) 1/19/11
Re:The Doctors: Daytime Talk Show Disaster (Rant: Circumcision Debate) (YouTube clip) 1/21/11
Kids in the Hall - Mutilated (YouTube clip) 06/21/11
Cardiff demo (YouTube clip) 6/30/11
If There is Any Justice (YouTube clip) 09/2/11
Rationally Selfish: "Circumcision and Religious Freedom" by Dr. Hana Hsieh (YouTube clip) 08/29/11
Intactivista: Debunking The Myths of Circumcision (YouTube clip) 09/17/11
CA Governor Jerry Brown Prevents Ban on Male Circumcision (YouTube clip) 10/03/11
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Intactivist (YouTube clip) 10/07/11

Best Original Song 

(no entries recieved)
The Circumcision Song (YouTube clip) ChristopherMast 11/11/10
Elbow Deep "Botched Circumcision" (YouTube clip) ElbowDeep2 12/03/10
Hanukkah Again (YouTube clip) SethDavisMusic 12/08/10
onlyhotmale "I will Survive (Circumcision)" (YouTube clip) 12/09/10
A Circumcision Song (YouTube clip) 1/17/11
Foreskin Blues (YouTube clip) 1/31/11
Taygo - My Penis (YouTube clip) 2/03/10
I Wasn't Born with a Crown of Thorns (MP3 File) Samuel Richardson 9/11/11


Best Parody Song 

Sensations Strong (Bob Marley - Redemption Song) (YouTube clip) Ron Low (not competing) 5/1/10


Best Parody Lyrics 

Fresh Prince of Bell-End (Will Smith) Potato 5/9/10
Victims of Circumcision (Green Day - Jesus of Suburbia) MattBoy115 5/22/10
Daughters (John Mayer) Jennifer and Danelle 7/08/10
Genetic Emancipation (Alexa Vega) Alex Wochna 8/28/10
Lithium (Evanescence) Alex Wochna 9/06/10
Bad Romance (Lady Gaga) Dustin Robertson 10/04/10
Mutilation (Manu Chao - Clandestino) C J Lewis 10/15/10
Lady Mutilator WonderBird 11/11/10
Kanye West - Say You Will (My Lyrics) (Kanye West) Fouadonthemic 12/20/10
My Foreskin's Back Jeremy Proctor 3/14/11


Best Poem 

Restore Foreskin Tony 11/09/10
Violated: A Baby Boy's Point of View Christina King 1/05/11
Deceived Christina King 4/04/11
Into Light John Beaty 6/16/11
A Return To Eden John Beaty 6/18/11
Foreskin Oh Foreskin Gregory Bramblett 7/02/11
Foreskin, Foreskin Gregory Bramblett 7/02/11
Broken Trust Y. Sirken 9/03/11


Best Previously Published Work 

Foreskin Man No. 2  (YouTube clip) mgmbill (Matthew Hess) 11/30/10
This be the verse Paul 6/18/11


Best Student Submission 

My Dog Marcus 2/6/10


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