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Don Kim

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Misinformed, my parents made me deformed.
My natural form, all I want to be is reformed.
Who were they to make my decision?
Who did they ask if it was okay to make such an incision?

They should have asked my opinion.
Instead of looking down at me like a minion.
It's all for the best for me they say.
They have no clue that there is always another way.

Don't stray from the norm.
Yet they make me suffer under this storm.
Transformed into a deformity.
Only to accomplish conformity.

They cut away at my penis.
They think they achieved cleanness.
Circumcision, it should have been my decision.
Envision, what it would have been like if I didn't have to deal with this mortification.

However, it's not too late for me you see.
Because I can always tug away at my weewee.
With the help of the Internet
We can all advocate to become intact men.

We should teach our children young.
To be proud of how they are naturally hung.
Let us stop this insanity with the next generation.
Let us collaborate to stop neonatal amputation.

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