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Sexual Ecology
By EnoFrisk

We’ve reached the point where have to care
About our Earth, the water and air.
Yet many are still in deep denial
And have been there for quite a while.

Nature’s strongest urge which must prevail
Is protection of an infant, by a female.
But society overrides concern for her creation
And insists on enforcing a cruel mutilation.

It requires outside pressure and disconnect
To relinquish the baby, nature compels us to protect.
Then a violent experience with scalpel and clamp
Erogenous nerves severed, a permanent stamp.

Why would we wound a human just formed
Before he can have a say of his own?
How can we condone this surgical reduction
Where’s our concern for nature’s perfection?

So if you might wonder why some are hell bent
Destroying our planet and causing torment,
Perhaps you’ll consider the poisonous pedagogy
That allows violation of our sexual ecology.

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