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August 20, 2008: Ron Low explains the benefits of foreskin restoration to Howard Stern, his staff, and an audience of millions 
TLC Tugger Home

Ron Low wearing TLC-X, as shown on Howard TV



Audio - Full Penis Contest - 20 Minutes from Sirius-XM Satellite Radio Channel Howard 100
Audio - Only Ron Low's segment of the Penis Contest - 4 Minutes
Video (explicit) - 6 minutes (1.5Gb) - courtesy of HowardTV (lo-res version 17Mb)
Video (censored of explicit nudity - 48Mb) - courtesy of HowardTV
Other Howard Stern Intactivist Footage on the subject of Howard Stern (via Google)
Jay Thomas Show (Sirius Stars Too channel) audio from 3/21/11

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  • Howard moved on to Ron who claimed that his penis looked like a renaissance painting. He said that his wife tells him that it's very pretty. He showed his penis and he had a foreskin restoration tugger attached to it. He said he was circumcised at birth and he's trying to grow some new skin there. He said it actually worked and showed the guys what he's got down there. He said it took about 4 years for him to grow the 4 inches of skin he has there now. He claims that sex is even better now that he has it.

    Howard said it was time to judge. George L said that he didn't think that he was going to win. He asked Howard about what his IQ was. Howard said he thinks that he might be close to being retarded. George L said that he had a theory about Howard and Beth that he wanted to present to him. He wanted to do it on the air or during the break. Howard told him to do it now because it won't happen during the break. George L said that he thinks his marriage will last 2 years and then he'll be back in a situation like he's in now and he'll divorce and then live with Beth again. Howard said he wanted to take him and throw him out of there.

    George L was complaining that Howard didn't get all of the letters and stuff that he had sent to him. Howard cut him off and said he was high jacking the show. He said that wasn't fair to the rest of the contestants.

    The guys all whipped out their penises, except for Maurey, and then George said that they were all beautiful. He said he was going to go with he total physical look and picked this guy Michael Christian as the winner. Howard sang a song to him about his beautiful penis. George sang to him as well.

    One of the guys wanted to give George a lap dance but Howard told him ''not today.'' He wrapped up and let the guys go a short time later. The foreskin guy offered George a Foreskin cone for Brad. George said that he'd take it. Howard said that this really is a gay bachelor party. George said that this is a great day for him. Robin said that he didn't even want it earlier in the week. George said that's because Brad was listening.

  • The End Of The Gay Bachelor Party? 08/20/08. 8:00am
    Howard said that this was too much for him and they had done enough of this gay stuff for one day. He asked Robin to show them her tits. She wasn't going to do that. Artie asked for any hot chicks in the area to come down there as soon as possible.

    George was singing the ''Release Robin's Bra'' song parody so Fred played that so he could sing along to it. Howard cut that off and talked to Artie about what was going on there. Fred said that he thought the penis restoration thing was kind of weird. He said that it looked very odd to him.

    Gary said that Will just came out and said that he was done with cocks after today. Gary said that Richard is upset that he can't put anything in his ass. Howard said that he's not going to do that. He said they only lasted until 8 o'clock with the gay bachelor party. He said they tried to do the best they could.

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