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Anonymous TLC Tugger application video, made by a low-slack beginner, in 4 parts: 

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

40 min
Dr. Dean Edell The Great Debate with a radio host named Bill 15 min
Howard Stern 12/15/10 Bubba the Love Sponge is on the phone discussing kids and vasectomies when Howard grills him on why Bubba cut his son's penis.   2 min
Howard Stern 9/13/10 Ron Low calls in to put circumcision back on Howard's Radar when Baptist Hospital mutilates newborn Mario Viera despite his parents' clearly expressed wishes that he remain intact.   4 min
Howard Stern 8/20/08 Prettiest Penis Contest featuring the restored foreskin of TLC Tugger founder Ron Low.  Audio, video, and synopsis.   6 min
Howard Stern 8/20/08 Ron Low demonstrates foreskin restoration to Howard and his radio/TV audience of millions.   6 min
Howard Stern 10/5/06 Greg Fitzsimmons said a woman told him that she went down on a guy who was intact and she was grossed out by it. Greg said he told her that he's hoping that skanks like her aren't in his son's future.  He said he's "not going to mangle my son's penis just for some skank's sucking pleasure." (transcript) 5 min
Howard Stern 3/20/06 Follow-up on whether Howard's circumciser used oral suction in the hacidic tradition.  "I know my uncle held my legs down." (transcript) 6 min
Howard Stern 3/13/06 Discussion Not every intact guy is happy and well-adjusted, as this humorous XXX discussion from Sirius 100 proves.  "Let's do away with this barbaric practice." (transcript) 13 min
Howard Stern 12/14/05 Newscast Herpes and mohels: "Circumcision is barbaric - there should be an arrest made." 1 min
Howard Stern 11/15/05 Comment  "There's no reason for circumcision.  It was developed to keep guys in check." 2 min
Howard Stern 10/11/05 Discussion  "God made it - or whatever - and we're busy mutilating these little babies; it doesn't make any sense." 8 min
Howard Stern 8/17/05 Newscast "Circumcision should be illegal in the US and all over the world." 7 min
Howard Stern 2/3/05 Newscast More on herpes from mohels: "It's child abuse." 2 min
Howard Stern 2/2/05 Newscast New York babies get herpes from mohel.  "Who's to say you shouldn't have a foreskin.  Who knows how that all came about." 6 min
NORM-UK 11/11/05 BBC Outlook Compassionate coverage of NORM-UK and restoring men.   11 min
TLC Tugger Product Demonstration Videos -  
TLC Tugger Pro-Intact YouTube Videos including annual song contest entries.   -  
TLC Tugger Gallery of Entries for annual pro-intact song and poetry contest - judging each fall -  
TLC Tugger Meet TLC Tugger - whimsical look behind the scenes at TLC Tugger company headquarters by film maker Kenya Matthews.   7 min
TLC Tugger 10-second radio spot A aired on WCKG in December 2004 10 sec
TLC Tugger 10-second radio spot B aired on WCKG in December 2004 10 sec
TLC Tugger 60-second radio spot aired on Howard Stern in December 2004 1 min
TLC Tugger Music Bed for December 2004 radio spots - Confession, with original lyrics 3 min
TLC Tugger Music Bed for The TLC Tugger Application Demo video - Watch Me Grow, with original lyrics 3 min
Eli Ungar CUT - Slicing through the Myths of Circumcision is now available on DVD.   2 min trailer

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