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Q: What's the VLC?  What's this about shaft lengthening?  

A: The standard TLC has a vent hole.  This allows air in.  Without it, the seal of your skin against the tugger would cause a vacuum when tension was applied.  With the vent, the glans can lift away from the tugger so you can draw a nice tube of skin.  

Without the vent, your glans stays snugly in the recess of the tugger, and some of the tugging force is imparted to the core of the penile shaft as a whole instead of to the skin tube.  If I may strain an analogy, the TLC is like your body being lifted by your turtleneck collar - which would stretch your collar - while the VLC is like your body being lifted by a plunger suction-cupped to your skull - which might stretch your neck.  

The VLC has no vent.  With it, you may experience up to a quarter-inch of shaft lengthening per year - some guys claim more.  I'm not endorsing this; I offer it based on requests from tuggers.  To me, it's unproven, and it could slow your gains in skin coverage for two reasons: 
a) your longer shaft requires ever more skin to cover it
b) some of the tension that could be focused on your skin tube is directed to your shaft.   

Most guys interested in shaft lengthening also do short-interval exercises or pumping, in addition to wearing an "all day stretcher" like the VLC.  Learn more about enlargement and ADS devices at, PE Gym, or Thunders Place.

If you really want to tension the shaft AND ALSO to restore skin, contact me about a Ventless version of the Stretch series Tuggers, and don't overlook TLC Hangers.  

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