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We use PayPal Shops to let you order and pay directly online with a credit card or your PayPal account.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  

Your-Skin® Restoration Cone
Our simple tapeless device for retaining your own skin over your glans 24/7.  Your glans can be shiny and sensitive, the way it was meant to be.  

The TLC Tugger®
Our Tapeless Conical Tugger for comfort, simplicity, and performance.  Nothing will give you faster foreskin restoration with a natural looking taper.  You and your partner will love it when you have slinky slack skin.  
The TLC-X®
Our newer TLC-X adds strapless convenience and the ultimate in flexibility; weights, elastics, inner spring, fixed extension, straps, swappable Pushers, variable length Rods - for peak  performance and unsurpassed control of your functional and cosmetic outcome. 
The TLC Packer™
NO STRAPS!  For those with enough slack to fit some skin over these conical spacers, the TLC Packer provides a way to keep under tension even when tugging with straps won't work.  
The TLC Hangers™
NO STRAPS!  A clever set of stainless steel weights to be used with the TLC Tugger, TLC Packer, VLC Tugger, VLC Hanger, or TLC-X.  Adjustable from 1 to 13.5 ounces (or more) in 1-ounce increments. 
Canister Start-up Kit
Our solution for folks starting out with very little slack.  In one to three months you should be ready to go tapeless.  
ComforTug™ Straps
The best tugging straps available.  Long 48" or extra-long 72" elastic adjustable straps for over-the-shoulder or below-the-equator use.  Featuring Bodacious™ clips.   (see explicit daytime demo and night technique.   
The VLC Tugger™
Our Ventless Tugger - limits skin tube stretch to the displacement the shaft will allow.  Ideal as an ADS/night tugger for the PE (penis enlargement) crowd.  The new VLC Hanger version is optimized for use with our weights.  
Intactivist Boutique
Our new assortment of TLC Tugger Logo apparel.  See $10 discount offer.  Window and bumper stickers are now offered FREE and Intactivist leaflets are offered at cost.  
Gift Certificates
If you're shopping for someone else, I say HIS body HIS decision, and I can recommend a gift certificate as a thoughtful way to help him get started.  Fully refundable, never expires.  
Tireless Support

You'll be amazed how hard we work to help every user succeed.   We treasure our word-of-mouth; we will make you happy.  

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