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Credit Cards

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Frequently asked questions

FAQ: If I use PayPal, will "Penis Tugger" appear on my credit card statement? 

A: If your PayPal purchase is funded by a credit card, then HOME ARTS will appear on your credit card statement.  Some people transfer money directly to their PayPal account, and then pay from "existing PayPal balance" so the transaction is never directly referenced on their credit card statement.   

I'm sorry, I can't process your credit card number directly through the mail or over the phone.  Most folks would rather just give their credit card numbers to one trustworthy entity like PayPal instead of handing that info out to every online merchant.  Thanks for your understanding.  

YOU DON'T NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT to pay us with PayPal.  They can process a one-time checkout with your credit card, just like you would do at any other online merchant.  


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