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Frequently asked questions

FAQ: Can a Jew morally decline to circumcise his/her newborn child?  

A:  YES!  The same book that appears to command circumcision also says that someone who is missing a body part may not approach the altar of the lord (Lev 21:18-23).  The following was summarized  from
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Circumcision is a strong jewish tradition.  However, the following are also "traditions" and they are among the actions punishable by DEATH according to the Torah: 
- Cheating on your husband, (Lev. 20:10). 
- Fornicating - if you’re female (Deut 22:21). 
- Homosexuality (Lev. 20:13). 
- Blasphemy (Lev. 24:16) 
- Insulting one’s parents (Exod. 21:17) 
- Disobeying one’s parents (Deut 21:18-21)

Modern jews no longer apply capitol punishment for committing the above mentioned acts, and they have the same moral obligation to interpret the edict to circumcise in light of our no-longer-barbaric society.  Other practices sanctioned by the Torah that we no longer do because we are educated and enlightened include: 
- Slavery (Exod 21:1-11) (Deut. 15:12-18) 
- Animal and Human Sacrifices (Lev. 4:3, 4:23, 4:32, 5:7, 5:15; Judges 11:20, 11:33) 
- Divorce for men only (Deut 24:1) 
- Female subservience to men including obedience to every order and no right to refuse sex, (Genesis 3:16). 
- Forcing raped virgins to marry their attackers (Deut 22:29)

A rabbi stated the top ten values of Judaism. Circumcision violates nine out of the ten. 

Hebrew Phrase English Translation Why Circumcision violates this value
V'ahavta l'rayaha kamokha Love of others If you love your baby, you don't torture and mutilate his genitals.
Tzedakah Justice/responsibility It is not just or responsible to strap a baby down and mutilate his sex organs. 
Gemilut hasadim Kindness/compassion It is not kind or compassionate to strap a baby down and mutilate his sex organs.
Talmud torah Love of learning It's time we learn to stop mutilating babies. It's a no-brainer. 
Hakhnasat orhim Welcoming guests/strangers It is not welcoming to strap a newborn baby down and mutilate his sex organs.
Shalom bayit Peace/harmony in home/family It does not ensure/ help peace and harmony when you strap a baby down and torture him. He will never trust you again and he will remember. 
Tikkun olam Perfecting the world We'd be more perfect if we stopped torturing and mutilating little boy's sex organs. God made us perfect. It is blasphemy to think we know better.
Pikuah nefesh Sanctity of life Babies have died during circumcision, therefore it violates the sanctity of life. 
Hemirat lashon Sanctity of language ? ? ?
Anava Modesty/humility It is not modest to strap a baby down naked in front of people.  

America is founded on religious freedom.  While Americans may think that gives them the right to have their child circumcised, it doesn't.  Your child has the right to religious freedom, too, but by amputating healthy tissue, you immorally take away that right.  

Protect HIS religious freedom; leave him intact.  

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